We can do anything together! 

mccr3Welcome to the MCCR website.

Metropolitan Community Church of the Rockies is a church of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gendered community, our families, friends, and straight allies.

We are proud to be gay and straight together.

We are not a traditional church; we are a vibrant faith community based on a passionate belief in God’s grace. Our worship is dynamic featuring contemporary music and messages for today. We build relationships encouraging spiritual growth and service to our community.

Whoever you are, wherever you are from, come as you are… YOU are welcome here!

This month at MCC of the Rockies

Come and meet our new Interim Pastor; Rev. Dr. Gail Atchison.

Dear Spiritual Family in Christ,

As we continue the journey of Lent here at MCCR we are looking at how emotional “clutter” impacts our spiritual growth.  When we choose not to let go of past hurts, judgmental behavior, anger, resentment or self pity; we limit the process of spiritual growth and the opportunity to experience the forgiving, loving and nurturing power of an awesome God.

During this Lenten Season may all of us “make room” for a God who loves us more than we can ever imagine.

If you have been to MCCR in the past or might be new to MCCR we welcome you and I would love to meet you and learn how Jesus is active in your life.

God bless you all and may you experience a Lent full of personal insight into your journey with Jesus

Rev Gail

 We are Better Together


Upcoming Church Events:  **to contact the church office please either call 303-860-1819 x 26  or e-mail us at jallisonmccr@gmail.com

Pledge Campaign
A new pledge campaign will beginning soon. On Palm Sunday pledge cards will be handed out and you are asked to bring them back on Easter Sunday. So we ask that you be praying for the campaign and for what your gift for that campaign might be.
New Bulletin
Coming on Palm Sunday, there will be a new bulletin. It will have more information in it and will be your information document to take home with you. It will have items like contact information, church budget information, upcoming events, and of course worship information.
Lilies for Easter
Help us decorate the worship space for Easter by buying and Easter Lily. Each plant will be $15.00 and you can buy a plant in memory of or in honor of someone of or an event.  If you’d like to purchase a lily plant for Easter Sunday please contact the church office.
Lenten Bible Study
On March 29th and on April 5th, the 12th;  Every Wednesday during Lent there will be a bible study on Lent for preparation for Easter. A book will be used during the study by Joyce Rupp called “The Cup Of Our Life” You can buy the book on Amazon but if you can not get the book, please feel free to come to the class anyway. Everyone that comes to the study group is to bring their favorite coffee cup.  The group will meet in the Children’s room at 7:00 PM. If you want to bring small snack to share, it would be great!
Membership Class Coming in April  
We will have a membership class coming in April.  Please sign up for the membership class that will be on April 9th.  That membership class will be brought into the church on Easter Sunday. You must sign up for this class and have a meeting with Rev. Gail. So please Contact the church office.
Passion Play
We are going to try to put together a Passion Play for Good Friday. If you are interested in participating in anyway, please contact the church office.
Easter Sunday Help
We are looking for folks to help with Easter Sunday planning. We want to have an Easter picnic or potluck and some type of family event like an Easter Egg hunt.
Sign up for a Ministry
Also Stop by the Information table and sign up for a Ministry: We are in need as a church for everyone to be part of a ministry. The ushers need to build two teams.  The third and fourth weeks of the month need folks to step up to join the usher team.

Serving Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Straight

All are welcome @mccrockies   www.mccrockies.org