Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of MCCR! Here are some FAQ’s.

Why do people become members of MCCR?

People join our church when they decide they want to commit to helping to fulfill our mission and live out our core values. If this is the group of people you want to walk the next part of your faith journey with, then membership may be right for you.

How do members commit to fulfilling the mission of the church?

Normally in three ways. First, through regular participation in the worship life of our community. Your singing, praying and praise is important! Second, through choosing a ministry area to work and serve in. Everyone has a unique calling from God, and you may be able to fulfill yours through the ministries of MCCR. Third, through financial giving. All of our ministries are funded by the generous giving of people just like you! 

What do I do if I want to join?

Attend a membership class the next time it is offered. Pre-registration is not required and there is no cost. The class lasts about two hours and is usually held in the Parish House, which is the building just south of the church at 960 Clarkson St.

What will I find in these classes?

You will hear about people’s faith journeys, and hear about the history of our church. You will then learn more about MCCR’s mission, value, faith and covenant. You may learn some things about yourself and you will meet some nice new people!