About Chris

About Chris Loraine Wells

Having grown up in Pennsylvania, graduated college in western New York, taught school in Honolulu, Hawaii and in Cedar Falls, Iowa you can see traveling has been a mainstay in my existence. Owning an Internet business that eventually led me to Colorado with a one year stint in Tucson, Arizona further enhanced my love of traveling.

I have always been a lover of nature and all things outdoors but when it was discovered I had had a heart attack, my world changed. Since it was determined the heart issues were hereditary, I knew they could pop up again. I recommitted myself to good eating habits, regular exercise, reducing stress and keeping my self mentally and physically active. So, at age 60 I took up photography – nature photography. My intent was to try to capture what I felt when out in nature so when I looked at those images later it would bring back the memories, feelings and karma of those moments.

That desire to capture what I felt when out in nature led me to uncovering my passion for sharing my love of travel and nature with others. That is how I started doing presentations at senior living facilities. I hoped to bring my passion and love of nature to these seniors, in hopes it might bring back fond memories or even kindle a desire to explore some of those natural wonders while they still could. The success I have had is beyond my wildest dreams.

I have now done over 800 presentations in Colorado, Arizona and Florida in the little over 3 years I have been speaking. The stories I have heard from these seniors, the looks on their faces, the sparkle in the eyes when a memory is kindled are just a small part of what makes me say over and over again, Life is good!