Stories Seniors Tell

Sharing a Moment in Time

I have done almost 1,000 presentations at senior living communities in Colorado, Arizona, Florida, California, Washington, Montana, Wisconsin, Texas, New York, Connecticut and Maine to nearly 20,000 residents. Since all my presentations focus on nature, National Parks and travels to other countries, I see seniors light up when I have sparked a memory. They come up to me after to tell me of those times. I love their stories and have been writing them down once I get home from the presentation. These are 5 minute videos of some of those stories.

Starting in 2021, I am opening this up to seniors who would like to submit their personal story to me electronically. I will take their information and put it into a 5 minute video story to be added to the list below. If you are interested in doing that, please visit the page:

Stories Seniors Tell Story Submission


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